"The Awakening means more than to realize what you are meant to do. It teaches you that to stand your ground, you must know more than what one side of the force teaches us. What it does, is it teaches that to first fight your enemies, you need to fight your own demons inside, and then face theirs."

-Warlord Kylam-Raf the Awakened

The Awakening teaches that the force user needs to balance itself for victory, that power and peace both need to be combined. That meditation on the Dark Side and Light are not entirely false. Though following many flaws, the Awakening has been creating more powerful Sith than anyone else. Those who died and join the Awakening are given the ability to hand off their power to an heir or a person that they believe is needed within the galaxy.


Kylam-Raf at his Awakening, seeing himself in the next months.

Awakened Sith undergo a trial in the Force Nexus on the planet of Dromund Kaas. The Sith would be shown visions, dreams, and how to truly channel the force into what is needed. They teach that killing people for failure is the reason failure is caused, and that the light side and dark side combined focuses the true part of the force. Given permission by Kylam-Raf these Sith are given the honor to attend the trial.

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