The Battle of Rishi


Pre Battle time, Lord Zelltt, Warlord Kylam-Raf, Sith Guard Ald'un, and others, were unfolding events of a misplaced order when the Grand Warlord experienced a vision. Following this, Kylam-Raf had realized a strategic opportunity against the Republic.

Rishi was a 'Republic' Operations Center. The main target on Rishi was a Republic Officer. Baited by Imperial Forces, the officer was killed by Moff Brandon, an Imperial Traitor, who was discovered a Revanite leader, precursor to the rise of Revan.


Battle of Rishi Plan

Warlord Kylam-Raf and Darth Zelltt plan the attack on the Republic Base, while also being able to view their galaxy.

During the beginning, Warlord Raf and Lord Zelltt led in a task force to handle the Republic fleet. With the help of Sith Guard Ald'un, the Sith Guard managed to prevent boarders on the vessel.

Lord Zelltt and Raf managed to notice escape pods being sent towards the planet. Investigation was needed. They discovered their target was on planet, and Imperial troops were immediately sent down to Rishi.

Landing with ease, the two managed to make friendly relations to the Rishii natives. Willing to help defend their home, the Awakened Sith deployed specialized troops to help hold the Rishii village. Working against them, the terrain wouldn't allow tanks or large group of infantry to make their way through the Republic's specialized defenses. Lord Zelltt and Warlord Kylam-Raf decided they'd push on the flanks with the Rishii locals and capture the Republic base.

However, evidence found that the troops didn't work under Republic JSOC, and it was soon discovered that the troops were defectors of the Empire and the Republic, and discovered these men were truly Revanites.

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