Following the conspiracy on Tatooine, Republic forces led by Jedi Knight Kaytop Carbonlifter began an assault launching in multiple tanks and Republic Troops pushed past the Imperial Troops and began assuming control of the Academy.

With multiple groups of Imperial soldiers, led by Warlord Kylam-Raf The Awakened, these troops were able to sabotage the Republic Assaulters in the area. A group of specific people, Andicim, C'walker, and Zilrayea helped beat back Republic troops and call in a reinforce garrison of men to help fight the battle. With their help, Jedi Knight Kaytop Carbonlifter and his men were squeezed into the ridge and trapped, Snipers and Tanks fired on the weakened Republic Forces. With their morale broken, Kaytop Carbonlifter reunited his men and broke past the surrounding troops, barely able to escape. This was a major victory for the Awakened Sith, proving that the Republic couldn't hold onto their newly-taken territory forever. However, the Republic took this as a rallying cause, with Republic JSOC leading a battle straight into the heart of Nal Hutta. This began the first major battle of the 3-way war between The Awakened Sith, Republic JSOC, and the Dark Jedi Order, at The Battle of Hutta.

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