"Welcome to my home world, Warlord Raf."

"Yes... it's mine now."

"You came here to destroy these people, I won't let it happen."

"You're demise is your own. I came to liberate the people, from Jedi and Republic rules. Taking children from their mothers to fight your war. I will return freedom."

-Kaytop Carbonlifter and Kylam-Raf arguing on the Empire's goals.

Redmin is a planet that contains a warm and dry climate with plains and a average atmosphere.

Although other battles were important to the growth of the Awakening, Redmin was different. Not only did it contain a strategic victory, but also children strong in the force, ones capable of lifting their own couch at a toddler's age.

The Empire tested their defenses shortly before the Sacking of Coruscant. The mission result: Failure.

Republic forces contain about 20,000 troops stationed there, as well as 1,000 tanks in the area.

The Awakened Sith attempted to infiltrate it several times. The result: Failure.

Uprisings began 12 times. Overall result: Failure.

When the Awakened Sith took many damages from the Jedi Knight Kaytop Carbonlifter, they found out they went to his homeworld, Redmin. The Awakened Sith launched a forward assault. Both sides took heavy casualties. The Republic Forces didn't pull back, and stood at their posts. Darth Grinyon's men were sent on another battle. Another defeat. Finally, Warlord Kylam-Raf The Awakened went in himself, and bitterly won the battle. Eventually, He and Lord Grinyon were forced to pull out as Jedi Knights led by Kaytop Carbonlifter led a surprise attack on the Imperial troops. Against their will, these Imperials began a retreat and sent all of their forces about 35 miles down the pastures. They first built a camp on the planet which has today been renamed to Fort Bagad and become the Imperial Center of Operations in the lower Outer Rim. Concordia also has become an Imperial Stronghold, but the Jedi forces won't attempt to attack the planet.

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