The Awakened Ones

The Awakened Sith

Basic Information

Sometimes known as "The Awakened Ones" or "The Grand Awakening" the Awakened Sith formed under the order of Warlord Kylam-Raf at 3643 BBY. At the beginning however, being Awakened would not be the same as later. The Awakened Sith would eventually become the new Order, the ones that would bring the Sith Empire it's total victory.

Starting day 1, Kylam-Raf (declared Supreme Warlord), Darth Hendrall (second-in-command), and a few other Sith began the first Awakening. Though it would not remain the same within the next year, the Awakening would still impact thousands among the Sith Empire, helping it survive long enough to fight past the operation of Makeb, and eventually into the later times.

Eventually, at the mercy of Kylam-Raf's brother Jedi Knight Kaytop Carbonlifter, he would later learn the True Awakening, and soon begin to rival the Republic, become "The Republic's Worst Fear."

Rise of the Awakening

During the time of the 2nd Great Galactic War, the Empire grew in dire need of support. After hearing the loss of the Sith Emperor, and the Republic's successful victories accounting the loss of important Sith and Imperial War Heroes, the Republic had the better end of the war. Following this, Lord Kylam-Raf began the Awakening when he first accounted a Jedi following different values and one that was stronger than he could imagine. He escaped by little, and eventually he formed an Awakening, one that focuses on the internal self and (at this time) was to be taught to be deemed worthy by bloodshed and victory.

Declaring the goals of the Awakened Sith, Kylam-Raf decided that the Sith would not be able to move within the Empire without a purpose. With this decision, the purpose was claimed: "To destroy the Jedi and purify the Sith" and following the newly announced goals, hundreds of Sith and Imperials rose up to join the new group of Sith Lords.

Following the combat missions of the Awakened Sith, the Warlord had sent in his men to attack a group of Republic Forces settled on Dromund Kaas. Dueling his brother Kaytop Carbonlifter, Kylam-Raf failed and was left at the cave system in which he would discover the Force Nexus and found the True Awakening.

At his return, Kylam-Raf met with many Sith, and at this time, recruited a new Sith that would help lead the way in the Intelligence branch of the Awakened Sith, named Darth Grinyon. With his help, Intelligence began to lead the Awakening's rise, while the other branches would stay at the average position. Intelligence recruited thousands, due to the lack of Imperial Intelligence within the Empire itself, many former Intelligence workers joined in the Awakened Sith.

During this time, thousands of Sith Lords would join, and the Awakened Sith built their own private fleet, with the flagship known as The Awakener and began to conquer the Republic, with Republic and rogue Sith beginning to launch several operations against them. The most historical battle of The Awakened Sith remains The Battle of Redmin. This was the first major victory of Republic JSOC led by Major Avarohn and Jedi Knight Kaytop Carbonlifter. This slowed the recruitment efforts of the Awakening by much, helping deal a powerful blow against the Sith Empire.

Eventually, during the point of the Eternal Empire's rise, the Awakened Sith would be the only thing holding the Empire together. With news of the alliance, they would join and help fight against the Eternal Empire and help the Alliance leaders gain the Eternal Throne.

The Awakened Empire

See the archive's tab of the Awakened Empire for more details.

First Formation

After the recent battles against the Eternal Throne, their rise and fall, the Eternal Alliance fell apart shortly after the demise of the Eternal Empire, as the majority of it's people returned to the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. The shambles of the Eternal Alliance was planned with Warlord Kylam-Raf and his Gray Council, making effort to perhaps bring the galaxy to a Gray-Sided state by force. Guile would never work in time.

Following Warlord Raf's plan to target and eliminate people causing problems for their transition, Warlord Kylam-Raf sent in Darth Anahak Ren and Darth Awalk to handle a Chiss Moff. However, Warlord Raf knew that killing him bluntly would cause division, and he still had plans within the Empire. Ignoring this, Anahak Ren killed him on the spot, and Imperial Soldiers including Ryceren's team shot them to pieces, killing Awalk, knocking Anahak down, and putting Darth Grinyon's apprentice in the room wounded. Eventually, the situation would be handled as Darth Grinyon would attempt to cover it up. But the holorecords didn't let this happen. Instead, the footage was shown throughout the galaxy and the Empire began assaults on the Awakening's facilities in a matter of minutes.

In quick response, the Alliance deployed it's fleet and troops to all locations, ensuring that the Awakening would survive and continue to thrive. Shortly after the Awakened Sith announced it's creation of the Awakened Empire and moved it's support to them. It's rise was quick however, their large fleet and powerful tactics didn't take long to win battles, but the factions would learn as they began a three way war.

Main Leaders and Committee Members

Roles in the Awakening

Warlord Kylam-Raf, The Awakened

Darth Grinyon, The Malevolent; Second-In-Command (Prime Minister of Intelligence/Voice of the Darkness)

Darth Zelltt, The Loathsome (Sith Guard Leader)

Agent Meszarli Clsglee (Minister of War)

Drejile Tanis (Minister of Intelligence)

Darth Ald'un (Imperial Intelligence Enforcer)

Agent Sai'rin (Director of Operations)

Darth Arwaelth (Sith Intelligence Commander)

Notable Battles

Battle of Rishi

The Battle of Redmin

The Battle of Hutta

The Battle of Rishi

The Battle of Nar Shaddaa

The Invasion of Dromund Kaas

The Battle of Tatooine

Background Information


Conspiracies such as the Dark'Spectrum war or the Revanite encounter, Intelligence was forced to close up even more from even some of the most trusted people in The Awakening.

The Sith Empire

The Rise of the of Dark'Spectrum put issues on the Awakening's schedules, but it helped the leaders be able to grow within themselves as well.

The Revanites helped prove Warlord Kylam-Raf's vision of the rise. However, with the help of the coalition forces, the Awakening earned trust within the Empire once again.


The most notable skill comes from Atayash, a powerful wave capable of destroying galaxies. However, used at full potential will kill millions, including the user. Atayash is available in the archives for further research.

Darth Grinyon's power is to be noted as well. Powerful enough to wipe out entire solar systems. However, this power hasn't yet been used in many years, being locked away by Deltor's Dark and Light Holocrons and being kept in possession of Yonmo.

Certain skills have been uncovered. However, they do not come from force skills, rather from light saber combat. Warlord Kylam-Raf can use a speedy skill to quickly climb walls (If put against one) and flip over the attacker/attackers, being able to kill them with ease. Other's such as Darth Zelltt's saber throw is capable of killing hundreds of people within merely seconds.


Enemies of the Awakening are known leaders, but organizations support these two guilds, the Dark Jedi Order and Republic JSOC. Criminal Organizations behind the Dark Jedi Order include:

Black Sun

Chan Wallap

Hutt Cartel

Hoti Biet

White Maw

Other organizations haven't been discovered or noticeable yet. Certain organizations such as the Chan Wallap have been notified to be dangerous to ideals of all goals, and only want power within the rise of the Dark Jedi.

Republic JSOC remains solely Republic Supported, however, we have evidence they do get outside help from other minor Republic supporting planets, such as House Organa from Alderaan.

There is one galactic threat that was successful in the take over of the Empire, Republic, Awakened Sith, JSOC, Dark Jedi Order, Black Sun, Chan Wallap, Hutt Cartel, Hoti Biet, White Maw and the rest of the known Galaxy. This enemy wasn't a group of organized individuals but a signal Virus made of nano-bots, capable of taken the body and minds of any organic and having them join the Scyther-Hive mind. The Scyther-Virus as it was known, created by Doctor Marcus and funded by Darth Grinyon; was almost the end of the galaxy as we know it but a cure was by found Lieutenant Ryceren and produced/amplified with the help of Doctor Marcus. Once the Virus was destroyed it released all of the organics under its control, but the Virus left it's toll on the galaxy... leaving billions dead.

The Nexus

Major Allies

An ally would be known as the Nexus. Claiming to be the sole reason the Awakening grows. The Nexus is the entity of the Gray, and is the teacher. He was created by the Force, and is the one of the most interesting Entities to learn from. The Nexus is named, the Gray, because he is a conduit for the Gray Side of the Force.

Notable Heroes

Warlord Kylam-Raf

Darth Grinyon

Darth Zelltt

Lieutenant Ryceren Corliss

Lord C'walker

Zilrayea Deltorian

Andicim Corliss

Rakaltal Deltorian

Meszarli Clsglee

Admiral Savakes

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