Republic JSOC

Basic Information

Republic JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) was first built by Major Avarohn of HAVOC Squad in 3643 BBY and eventually was handed over to the Jedi Knight Klemrith. Supported by the War Hero Jedi Knight Kaytop Carbonlifter, bringing in heavy support and began rivaling The Awakened Sith and broke past the position it was stuck with when the busy Major Avarohn. Other off groups that believed they also stood a chance was the Dark Jedi Order and the Crodinaf Syndicate. This group rivals the Awakened Sith today.


The Growth of Republic JSOC has many theories behind it. It's propaganda was strong, making it seem like these people would be the first to muster up courage and stand against the Empire. The other theories is the support of Republic War Heros, including some like the smuggler Captain Aritev Carbonlifter, the Barsen'thor, Kaytop Carbonlifter, the HAVOC Squad forces, Theron Shan, Commander Niof, Hylo Visz, and others.


The Republic had many Struggles with the off-group Republic JSOC. JSOC pushed to be allowed into the Republic Military, and until it proved itself, the forces of Republic Joint Special Operations Command would not be given any special privileges until then.

Current Status

Republic JSOC's current status remains inside and backed-up by the Galactic Republic. They still rival the Awakening, and have not been beaten back yet. The Awakened Sith defense is that they have had to many internal issues to deal with JSOC at the time.

Notable Losses frin JSOC

The Defense of Mardrid Outpost

The Korriban Incursion

The Battle of Alderaan

The Battle of Ord Cestus

Notable Victories from JSOC

The Battle of Nal Hutta

The Battle of Tatooine

The Battle of Nar Shaddaa

The Invasion of Dromund Kaas

The Assault on Redmin

The Assault on Novare

The Battle of Alderaan

The Capture of the Ancient Hypergate

The Defense of the Voidstar

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