Childhood of a Half Deltorian

Rakaltal and his sister Tarhea grew up without a Father or Mother. They were taken care of and protected by their older brother Grinyon; Grinyon would supply as much as he could for his siblings but it wasn't enough, they couldn't maintain the credits to keep their Palace and servants... so Grinyon decided to enlist both of them into the Sith Academy. He succeed and both of them became Acolytes to a Sith Lord named Vishimus, Tarhea and Rakaltal were very efficient in their tasks and they worked together.

The Trials

The siblings were leading their class in the trials, being able to finish a task faster than the others. They were both powerful in the force and they had a bond with each other; but Vishimus grew tired of their lack of consequence so he devised a set of trials that would break the siblings and show they cannot trust one another.

The Trial of a Pure-blood

The first trial Vishimus' had them perform was that of the Pure-blood. He didn't inform them on what they will be facing in the trial he just told them they'd have to receive a Sith artifact and he point them in the right direction. The two siblings being completely fearless accepted the challenge and began to move on a Sith Temple. Once inside the two battled their way through monsters and banished Acolytes. Rakaltal would smash through his enemies without thought and Tarhea would quickly move from one to another, cutting them to pieces.

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