Protection of the Jedi Holocron

Yonmo is a Jedi tasked with protection of Deltor's Light Side Holocron. He has devoted the remaining time of his life to protection of this holocron which contains Grinyon's past memories and absolute power. He will kill anyone who tries to steal the holocron, he resigns inside of a lost cave in the forest of Yavin 4. Yonmo would remain on Yavin for years upon years until he left the cave one night and travelled to Dromund Kaas, there he'd meet the love of his life and have a child with her. Once the child was born he took the new born baby back to Yavin without the mother's knowledge, he'd train the child in the ways of the force when of age and he'd teach HER everything about the holocron. The child's name would be Alicyica, she'd grow up in isolation from the outside world and she'd be temped to open the holocron several times a month. Yonmo knew that the holocron was more important than his daughter, he cased her away and she'd end up on Korriban, she'd learn the way of the Sith, she planned to use her new found power to kill her father who cased her out.

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