"My favorite thing to do? Piss of the Empire and their little 'Warlord' Kylam-Raf as much as I can." -Kaytop Carbonlifter

Kaytop Carbonlifter grew up as a Jedi Knight in the

Galactic Republic. From Day 1 he was given to the Jedi Order. Recognizing his strong potential, he eventually grew up to surpass his masters, defeat the Empire and was deemed "The Chosen One" even though there was little-to-none clear evidence (following the Jedi Knight story line, there will be no spoilers) that this happened.

Eventually, he learned of Kylam-Raf's continual bloodshed throughout the Empire and Republic, and made a plan to end it. He brought Kylam-Raf down into his mercy, and threw him into the cave he drew the Supreme Warlord, revealing that he was related to the Warlord, and leaving the area, leaving Kylam-Raf to himself. Eventually, when he heard the Kylam-Raf returned differently than he did the last time, he began to think of himself having the advantage, though he did not.

Growing tired of hiding behind the Empire's debuts and blood-raging for the galaxy, he grew tired, declaring his own personal war on the Empire (during the mission on Ilum) and then combating the Empire putting the Awakening into fear.

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