Defeats and Victories

The Timeline

The Battle of Redmin (Defeat)

The Invasion of Dromund Kaas (Victory)

The Battle of Nar Shaddaa (Victory)

The Battle of Tatooine (Victory)

The Battle of Hutta (Victory)

Operation Clean Sweep (Victory)

The Defense of Ziost (Victory)

The Defense of Point Rain (Defeat)

The Battle of Cato Neimoidia (Victory)

Operation Golden Blade (Defeat)

The Assault on Carrick Station (Victory)

The Defense of Point Borue (Victory)

The Assault on Novare (Victory)

The Defense of Mardrid Outpost (Defeat)

The Battle of Alderaan (Defeat)

The Battle of Alderaan (Victory)

The Capture of the Ancient Hypergate (Victory)

The Defense of the Voidstar (Victory)

The Assault on Ulgo Base (Victory)

The Battle of Ord Mantell (Victory)

The Battle of Ord Cestus (Defeat)

Operation Groundbreaker (Defeat)

The Invasion of Tython (Victory)

The Korriban Incursion (Defeat)

The Assault on Korriban (Victory)

The Assault on Tython (Defeat)

The Battle of Alderaan/Rescue of Doctor Marcus (Victory)

The Battle for a Viral Galaxy (Major Victory)

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