First 10 Years


First Lieutenant Ryceren Corliss was born on the quiet city-world of Coruscant. When the Imperial spies showed up, they took him and his family to safety on Dromund Kaas. His mother became a Bartender and his father joined the Imperial military when Ryceren was two years old.


When Ryceren was eight years old, his father was sent to the planet of Bothawui, where he was killed by Republic troopers in The Second Battle of Bothawui.


Once Ryceren turned nine, his interests were quickly set on the military. Seeking vengeance and conflict, he began to make plans to join the Empire.


Reserve Officers' Training Corps

Ryceren looked into the military deeply, making it the sole passion of his life. His original plan, to simply enlist as an E1 private and fight in the frontlines. When he turned fourteen however, his plans changed, when he heard about Ghost Platoon, a team of imperial soldiers given the best equipment in the Empire.

Ryceren's plans simply switched from infantry to Special Operations. But knowing how difficult Basic Training would be, he simply began to seek the easy option, Imperial ROTC.

When Ryceren joined the Imperial ROTC program, he began when he was extremely disappointed with the Sith Empire.

The Treaty of Coruscant

Ryceren left the Empire. Feeling his loss of patriotism, he knew the Empire had the advantage to win the war, and felt as if the Empire was weak and not worth fighting for. He left and joined the Hutt Cartel.

Shortly after a year in the Hutt Cartel, Ryceren realized what the Empire was fighting for. Watching Hutt Greed and hatred, he went AWOL on the Cartel's military, and joined in the Imperial ROTC program once again.



"Cadet Major Ryceren Corliss..." -Imperial Graduation Officer

Ryceren finished his years in the Imperial ROTC, and quickly joined in on the Empire's Ghost Platoon shortly after and earned the leadership of officer. Ryceren's biggest respect came from his NCOs, who asked to have Ryceren promoted.


Ryceren, shortly after being promoted, was sent to suppress the Republic situation on Ord Mantel, being a operations officer to help prepare against the war on the Republic. He was sent in to help support the assault on Talloran Village. When he finished the assault, he was pulled out shortly before a smuggler and soldier together broke past Separatist troops into the Separatist Stronghold.

Ryceren quickly wrapped up things when he was redeployed from Dromund Kaas to serve in the Awakening under Warlord Kylam-Raf. He served in several operations under Darth Grinyon and Darth Zelltt.

Ghost Platoon

Ghost Platoon

Ghost Platoon served in several battles, such as those of the Battle of Bothawui, the Battle of Redmin, the Battle of Tatooine, the Battle of Hutta, and other conflicts within the Empire. Ghost Platoon is said to the most powerful operations team within the Empire itself.


Ghost Platoon originated as a solution to the Republic's best team, HAVOC Squad lead by Avarohn Carbonlifter. Ghost Platoon was named after the Ghosts of Bothawui, a team of troops lead by Ryceren's father. They became a legend, and shortly after the battle, formed.

This team specialized best in Urban door-to-door combat and they are very good in field operations, and know how to handle Republic and other forces beyond capabilities.

Molon Labe

Molon Labe was a ancient Rakata term that Ghost Platoon used meaning "Come and Take." Molon Labe is the code that the team follows. That dying with honor was more important than living with dishonor. This team was the first team to give meaning to their team, something that made an Imperial Team seem more like a Honor-full warrior rather than a team of mindless slaves, willing to do anything for themselves.
Ghost Platoon Uniform 3

Ghosts Platoon's Uniform works in all environments, with some of the best modifications included.

Famous Operations

Operation Cardbroker

Breaking past a Republic shielded operations center and securing a VIP for extract.

Operation Deadgame

Sabotaging Republic convoys and securing vital weaponry.

Operation Broken Meteor

Destruction of Dark Jedi Order's funds.

Operation Swift Srike

Destruction of Republic nuclear material. (This help give way for Operation Silent Call)

Operation Silent Call

Reconnaissance report on terror groups hiding on Tatooine, which would be an issue until today.


Ghost Platoon Uniform 1

Ghost Platoon's Standard Issue Uniform on front.

Ghost Platoon Uniform

Ghost Platoon's Uniform on left flank.

Ghost Platoon Uniform 2

Ghost Platoon's Standard Issue Uniform on rear.

Opeation Blackout

Yavin 4

Operation Black out was an Imperial operation that was ordered by Warlord Kylam-Raf and Darth Kanaran (during his time on the Gray Council) and was sent in to disable all Republic technological superiority. This does correspond with the Republic's declaration of war against the Awakening.


Day 1


Ryceren and his team were inserted by air, and jumped down from a Republic shuttle over thirty-thousand feet in the air, with the help of Ericker Zanaris. They managed to make landing only 10 miles away from their target, a perfect place to start the operation.


Following the Imperial Special Operations Tactics they moved in and managed to push their way, until they climbed up the rock-face cliff up the cliff and managed to set up on the rock face just on the edge of the target location.

Following this, Ryceren's team managed to sneak their way past Republic troops and make camp directly under their noses.

Day 2

"We're in, give us some time." -Ryceren Corliss

With Ryceren's successful push in, he, his team, and Special Agent Ericker Zanaris managed to move in. They broke past Republic troops and took their way in. With success, the team began to transfer data and disable all devices. In perfect timing, Republic troops under Avarohn Carbonlifter moved in, surrounding the building and trapping Ryceren's team in the building.

Day 3

This is only made up of skirmishes and failed escaped attempts.

Day 4


Ryceren's team began to produce ideas on how to get out, with a distraction, they would use a small team to keep the Republic troops occupied, and then blow a hole through, using the battle noise, and then one by one push their way out, but it would require leaving someone behind.


Ryceren's proper leadership skills made him tell his team that he would stay as his team pushed back to Warlord Raf. Staying behind, he nearly lost his life when a lucky shot made by Ericker Zanaris blew down the roof of the building, and Ryceren's team escaped out, and the team re-secured Ryceren, and went to the extract, giving a successful operation with zero casualties.


A debrief followed Ryceren's team as they finished. Then, Republic JSOC lost communication with several victories followed, and then Dark Jedi Order's rise was quickly finished off by Ryceren's team later as well.

Rise of the Nano-Bots


First Lieutenant Ryceren Corliss was sent himself to cover a operation and retrieve the information for Darth Grinyon. Sent to Nal Hutta, Ryceren was sent into Nem'ro's palace and cantina to speak with a Sith named Rakaltal Deltorian.

There, he conflicted with Wal'ker and Meszarli to take and return the information Darth Grinyon requested.

Bar Fight and Escape

With Lieutenant Ryceren making his turn into a hallway, he was stopped by the bounty hunter Wal'ker and was forced to engage. When Rakaltal stepped in, he kept Wal'ker busy until he managed to make his way past the Sith, and with combined effort, attempted to kill and take the false-information that Rakaltal gave him. However, Ryceren managed to hold off the two until Rakaltal force pushed everyone back.

The two managed to push past Wal'ker and Meszarli as they made escape to the Hutta Orbital Station. During this, the two chased after them and stopped them before they managed to make it onto a shuttle. There, they were conflicting when Ryceren shot Wal'ker and used a grenade to throw Meszarli into the floor off the side of the shuttle exit.

The Truce Cantina

The Truce Cantina

Aritev's Truce Cantina.

With their escape, the shuttle only took them so far to Nar Shaddaa, where they went to the Truce Cantina looking for a ride off. There, Ryceren was out looking for a pilot when he enlisted the help of Aritev Carbonlifter to take them straight to Dromund Kaas. There, he learned the information that Rakaltal would never tell him, and began to push his way to giving it to Darth Grinyon. However, he noticed Rakaltal scratching his neck and back commonly, and began to become aware of this.

The Dromund Kaas Attack

Shortly after, Ryceren was pleased to return to his high-back padded chair in the command center of Warlord Kylam-Raf. At his desk, Rakaltal flipped the table to reveal he was hit be the nano-bots, and that he was now known as Scyther-1, a humanoid capable of infecting others with the Scyther-Virus and also self regeneration.

With Darth Grinyon's apprentice being infected and Ghost Platoon's lucky escape, Ryceren Corliss returned to the office of Darth Grinyon where he revealed that he helped develop the nano-bots, and that the Scyther units could only be stopped if given the cure, only held by a Doctor out of their reach with unknown location.

Ryceren was then sent with another Sith Lord to Dromund Kaas to reclaim left nano-bots for study, but then the Sith Lord was infected by the nano-bots, and Ryceren's platoon made their escape to the streets of Dromund Kaas. There, he managed to escape to a scientist's personal office, and used a grenade capable of sending one to another dimension. After escaping the Sith, and managing to survive, he took the scientist to Tatooine to speak with Darth Grinyon over the ordeal...

The War of the Scyther-Virus

Nar Shaddaa

Ryceren was originally supposed to be sent to Taris under the orders of Darth Grinyon, however, he was reordered to support Agent Wal'ker on Nar Shaddaa, where the next of the Scyther-Virus was spread. He then helped send the Scyther unit to a portal into the new dimension that he created when he sent Scyther-45 to. Then, he pulled back to see the virus was already fast spreading, and was infecting multiple civilians on Nar Shaddaa. Then, he turned to Agent Wal'ker and the two of them ran to Lieutenant Corliss' ship, when Wal'ker was infected and Ryceren was forced to abandon his ally. He met with Ghost Platoon on his ship where he gave them orders to remain on the ship in a safe location at all costs after he was dropped off at Taris, where he would venture into a new battle.


Ryceren's original orders were to take the doctor he recovered to Taris, for study and see if there was a relation between the Rakghouls and the Scyther-Virus. Though the timespand didn't allow them to find anything useful, they managed to pull off and mass produce over 500 of the grenades Ryceren pulled on the Scyther unit, and then he managed to take out maybe 100 Scyther droids before cornered.

With his defeat imminent, Scyther-1 relayed orders to Scyther-2, who was sent in to handle the Scyther-Virus' advance. Then, he managed to take out the two Scyther-Units that wanted to control him, and took in a nanobot for study, when he was re-met with Meszarli and another Sith, who he was forced to kill due to the Scyther-Virus. However, Awalk was taken in by the Scyther-Virus and was forced to attack the three. Ryceren, barely escaping, sent Awalk to the portal to another dimension. Before this, Ryceren barely was able to escape joining the dimension himself, and took things into his own hands to develop a cure.

Return to Nar Shaddaa

Ryceren barely managed to escape with Meszarli, after earning her trust, and brought her into Aritev Carbonlifter's abandoned room, where he developed a cure! However, the cure needed time to grow, and when he used it, it only worked on small, microscopic nanobots.

Meeting with a guard, he attempted to speak with Lord Grinyon, but wasn't able to contact him and turned to Warlord Kylam-Raf who was on Rishi. There, he spoke with him that revealed information that Grinyon was protected from the virus and that he was a good option to help get past the Scyther-Army.

It was also revealed to them that other planets, Coruscant, Tatooine, Korriban, and Tython were taken in by the virus as well. Then, Ryceren demanded that the unknown guard removed his helmet, and was revealed to them that it was Scyther-1, attempting to kill and stop Ryceren and Meszarli. Then, Scyther-1 used Rakaltal's force push ability and sent Ryceren out of the window where he pulled back up onto a taxi and managed to get back in, and try his antivirus on Scyther-1. However, the virus was too weak to damage Scyther-1 and they were forced to jump onto a taxi where they escaped to attempt to hit Alderaan, the mainworld of the Scyther-Virus, where doctor Marcus was at...

The Battle of Alderaan

Scyther Virus heroes

The Scyther-Virus heroes. Including Ryceren Corliss, Grinyon Deltorian, Awalk, Meszarli Clsglee, and Drejile Tanis.


In the mids of war, Ryceren Corliss and his team of allies managed to safely land on Alderaan, the Scyther Capital. Then, they began their descent to Castle Panteer where they freed Darth Grinyon, and then helped find Doctor Marcus.

The Scyther-Virus Heroes

These heroes, consisting of Ryceren's team, Meszarli, Awalk, and Drejile, all managed to free certain individuals of the Scyther-Virus. However, their main goal was to capture Doctor Marcus... alive. Eventually, after doing so, they returned to Nar Shaddaa where they interrogated the doctor and he told them that Scyther-1 was the control center for the Scyther-Virus. That once he is handled, the Virus dies. However, to do so, they must get past thousands of Scyther-units. Then, inject enough of the serum Ryceren created into the machine and it would be destroyed. In this, the team would then be victorious, and the rest of the Nanobots would die off, and help save the galaxy and those with it.

The Battle for a Viral Galaxy

Showdown With Scyther-1

With the need for victory, Ryceren Corliss and his team, transferred under to the command of Meszarli, escaped to Ryceren's transport ship after a successful attack on the Imperial transport, and were safe. Ryceren's need to finish off Scyther-1 sent him off to the Truce Cantina of Nar Shaddaa, in which Ryceren battled with Scyther-1. His cure unsuccessful for the first time, did nothing to stop the advance of Scyther-1. With the lucky arrival of Meszarli and Drejile, Ryceren managed to conflict Scyther-1 on two fronts. Then, he was pushed off the edge of the platform, where he used his grappling hook to put together the ultra-cure, a cure combining both Meszarli's advanced cure with Ryceren's original cure to help defeat Scyther-1.

The Cure/The Death of The Scyther-Virus

The cure involved a mix of the original antibots Ryceren created and Meszarli's chemical formula. The mix was so powerful that if it touched skin, it would have it melted in .00000000000001 seconds.

With defeat of Scyther-1, the virus failed, due to no leadership, the majority of the people under control of the virus early died. However, the exception of Rakaltal (Scyther-1) turned him back because the nanobots were destroyed before the bots could eat away at Rakaltal's flesh. This defeated the Scyther-Virus and saved the galaxy.


"True Strength lies in submission, which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself. Molon Labe." -1LT Ryceren Corliss

The results of the end of the virus was strange. Ryceren asked when he would be able to return to the field and the fight, and Meszarli asked for Drejile to get promoted and Meszarli and her assistant both left so that Ryceren could speak to Darth Grinyon. Grinyon was reassured that Rakaltal would be sent to a deep dark prison on Oricon, and that the virus wouldn't be spread by him again. However, Ryceren and Meszarli's words at the end were interesting. Ryceren followed with the quote above, and Meszarli begged not to be promoted, as they enjoyed being where they were.

Ryceren received the Imperial Medal of Honor, and Meszarli, the Imperial Medal of Valor. Drejile was given a raise in credits and the Imperial Service Cross. The team went back to their normal lives, as the two prepared to take care of the base as Darth Grinyon, Warlord Kylam-Raf, and Darth Zelltt would go to work with Darth Marr to find the Sith Emperor.

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