"Deltorians are beings of immense power; but the true Deltorian is a being of Omniversal Power." - Deltor

The Deltorian

Deltor is a force Entity as old as time and space itself, he was the first Entity born from the Force but doesn't like to be associated with it. He is capable of controlling whomever/whatever he wishes with absolute ease. He his a being of pure Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience. Deltor is the creator of Grinyon and his holocrons but he's also created millions of children and artifacts before Grinyon; Grinyon was one of his latest creations but far from Deltor's own power.

Deltor is capable of devouring the Universes but he chooses to observe instead of taking action. Everything that happens in the Galaxy amuses him and nothing happens that Deltor isn't aware of. He allows his creations to have a small taste of his power but always creates objects of power to contain and antagonizes them.

Deltor moves from vessel to vessel and can be in more than one at once but his vessels can all be killed, though it would be extremely hard to kill them. Deltor cannot take a legitimate form if all of his vessels are dead, he cannot act upon anything. So he will take his children as his vessels. But there is a ritual in the centre of the Omniverse where Deltor can be summoned into his original form, once inside of this demonic body he will have no use for his other vessels for this one is Infinitely Eternal.

Deltor watches everything and he finds his title ironic in the way that he never hungers. Deltor refuses to use his power directly instead he allows his children to act upon Galaxy. Beings that know of the Hunger will go to him for knowledge instead of trying to kill one of his vessels. But if a vessel dies, Deltor awards the victor with whatever they are searching for.

The Release of Revengos

Another one of Deltor's children is Revengos; Revengos was quick to learn his place in the Galaxy. Deltor had a plan for his child but Revengos would grow up without the influence of his father and decide his own fate. Revengos is was contained in the holocron that cursed him, but Grinyon applied to Deltor begging his father to release his long lost brother. Deltor was amused with Grinyon's plead, for his son is not known for it. He humored his son and released his older brother upon the Galaxy once more but... only Deltor knows what he is up to.

Deltor is an interest for most, his power is surpassed by only the living Force itself and he surpasses all else. Deltor's knowledge is unchallenged, he sees what is to come an eternity in advance. He is protective of a select few and he will lead those select few to power beyond belief. Above all else he desires friendship from "Free-Willers" but whether he deems that friendship worthy is the question those individuals need to ask themselves.

The Wielders

Deltor's original purpose is to eradicate Universal impurities. He travels to other universes to judge their state of purity, if a Universe is more dedicated to a side of the force than the other 2, that universe will be devoured by Deltor. This only happens if the Universe will be eternally devoted to one side of the Force; if a Universe is only currently devoted to one side of the force but will eventually change then it is deemed worthy. For each and every Universe Deltor created the "Wielders", they are the Guardians of their respected sides of the Force. One for Dark, one for Gray, and one for Light, they keep the Force in it's purist form of Balance; they can live for an eternity but still be killed, if one of them dies then the other two sides of the force become more powerful influencing their Universe and creating the impurity. In some cases two Wielders fall to one in turn making that Wielder more powerful (The most impure state). Majority of the time the Wielders stay in their respected Kingdoms and do not attempt to kill the other two, but in the cases it does happen their Father completely eradicates that Universe so it doesn't influence the other Universes.

Deltor's Vessels

Deltor has many vessels across the galaxy, whether those vessels are World breaking monsters or his own children. He prefers to give his children free will so instead he controls creatures that could topple armies with one step on the ground.


Deltor Worldbreaker

The Worldbreaker

The World-Breaker is the vessel Grinyon and his allies go to visit the most. The World-Breaker agreed to living in the Awakened Sith Headquarters where he can be communed with daily. If the World-Breaker is harmed or upset, he will do as his name implies.




Is one of Deltor's smaller vessels, it is extremely rare to seek an audience with him, but if located Gharj must be defeat before Deltor permits the audience. Once Gharj is defeated he will lie dead but he will reappear in the stronghold of those whom defeated him.

The Terror From Beyond

Terror from Beyond

The Terror From Beyond

The Terror is Deltor's least favourite vessel but it's one of his largest. He mainly uses it to inflict Terror upon those he has no interest in. Only one has ever spoken to Deltor in this form and that was his 10th child.




One of Deltor's less preferred vessels, nobody has ever communed with this vessel before so Deltor lets it run rampant. Be careful when near this vessel Deltor is not in control, he will assume control when this vessel is defeated.

Known Deltorians

Deltorians are the children of Deltor, whether they are the direct children or their offspring. They are blessed with powers beyond the strongest of the Galaxy. Each Deltorian is immortal; if "killed" they will return to their holocrons of power and be trapped inside until Deltor deems them worthy enough to free. Once freed they will emerge more powerful than before, eager for battle. Once restored the children will normally take on an appearance that is more demonic than most. Each child is the Child(God) of a few specific qualities (i.e.) Child of Misery, Child of Trust and Child of Power.

Grinyon Deltorian

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Grinyon was the first known child of Deltor to the Awakened Sith/Empire. After this discovery, his men began to watch him, to make sure he wasn't a threat. Lucky for them Grinyon wished to use them for personal gain instead of viewing them as a liability. Grinyon is one of Deltor's more evil children, and if his holocron of power is returned to him he will become one of Deltor's more deadly children. Grinyon has two holocrons and they must be combined to unlock Grinyon's full potential. Grinyon is the Child of Power and Malevolence.

Revengos, Child of Deltor


Revengos is the older brother of Grinyon, one that originally didn't take to kindly to being a child of Deltor. He was later betrayed by his son Dark'Spectrum and returned to his holocron for eternal torment. He was later freed by the request of Grinyon but was transformed into a Death Spawn. Revengos is the Child of Deviousness and Cunning.

Mavsa Deltorian

The direct child of Grinyon and the granddaughter of Deltor. Little is known about her for she was captured by the Republic at a young age and was raised by the Jedi. She is the Child of Misery and Stealth.



Zelltt is the grandson of Revengos and the great grandson of Deltor. He is one of Deltor's more intelligent children; he is the only being in the Universe that Deltor has shared plans with. But his importance to the plans can be misleading, Zelltt can either be a vital asset to Deltor's plans or just the catalyst. Zelltt is the Child of Intellect and Speed.



Spectrum is the child of Revengos and the father of Zelltt and C'walker, he is one of Deltor's children to actually die. Though after his death he haunted Grinyon and Zelltt before being complete destroyed by his son and returning to his holocron. He was later freed by Deltor without his knowledge and now believes he resurrected himself. He was shaped and molded to become a Deltorian Death Spawn, a being without life or death. He is the Child of Necromancy and Despair.


C'walker is the second son of Dark'Spectrum, less powerful than Zelltt; he served his masters in the Empire faithfully. Until he began to resent them and he left the Empire to become a independent Sith but after the resurrection of Spectrum he sought him out and wished to join him. His father accepting, C'walker would become one of Dark'Spectrum's right hand men. Later C'walker would return to assist his Grand Uncle: "Grinyon" in an effort to defeat Grinyon's half brother Rakaltal, C'walker would willing fall to Rakaltal's blade and become a Deltorian Death Spawn. He is the Child of Disbelief and Destruction.

Zilrayea Deltorian

The second daughter of Grinyon, she was born with no trace of the Force. She is a young Chiss Agent whom serves her superiors greatly. She is the best at her job being the operative with the highest success record of all time. She has never met her Grandfather or does she know of his existence but Deltor still bestowed her with a lesser title than the rest. She is the Child of Deceit and Success.


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The Third daughter of Grinyon, Meszarli was born without the knowledge of her parents. For years she worked for Grinyon without either of them realizing their relation. She's been known to inflict Terror upon her enemies and allies alike by using an ability known as "Force Horror" capable of scaring targets to death, she is extremely knowledgeable, there isn't a single thing in the galaxy that goes by without her knowing. If her holocron is used against her, her power will shut down entirely and she will become weak and withered. She is the Child of Knowledge and Terror.


The Fourth daughter of Grinyon, Assama and Meszarli are twins whom despises one another. Assama is the more prominent Force user out of the two, she has been know to paralyze others for annoying her and then proceeding to tournament them for what felt like an eternity. If her holocron is used against her she will become paralyzed instead. Assama currently works as Grinyon's apprentice, being completely unaware of her relation with him, she takes after her father by being extremely potent with lightning and Sith sorcery. She is the Child of Dread and Paralysis.

Deltorian Death Spawn

Death Spawn

Charging Death Spawn

The Deltorian Death Spawns are the entities the Deltorians become once they die. These beings revert back to the holocron they were cursed with and they begin the process of transformation into a Death Spawn. The process takes roughly one hour and once the process is complete, they are completely free from the holocron that cursed their mortal selves. Death Spawn's cannot be killed, for they are already dead, they can interact with the living when they please and they travel through the galaxy by a deathly smoke. Death Spawns do not care for the dominating factions of the galaxy but some have their own cult followings, they find the Sith and Jedi war tedious; the elder the Spawn, the more powerful he or she becomes.

Notable Death Spawns




The Deltorian Reaper

The Overload

The Deltorian Reaper is the most powerful of the Death Spawns, he or she is second to Deltor himself. The Reaper consumes the powers of the other Death Spawns and the living, the Reaper is ill of weaknesses, but the only possible weakness one can possess is the transformation into the Reaper. While Death Spawns take an hour to transform, the Reaper only takes half an hour; in this time if the holocron the Reaper resigns in is returned to Nathema, Deltor's Altar, the Altar's wards will protect the galaxy from this unstoppable force keeping it contained for all of existence. Reapers need to constantly consume life forms to satisfy the new found craving they have for power, if a Reaper is unable of consuming a being for to long they will become dumbfounded and being to consume their own energy, creating an infinite loop in which they will generate as much power as they consume, causes them to consume their own energy for eternity.

Notable Deltorian Reapers

Currently no known Reapers.

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