Files are exclusive to only those who serve on the committee or higher. Please do not to share these files. "Trust me Sith, I know how to knock a person out by bending their foot, I don't think that the force can stop everything, even if it created us, it's not the center of the universe. Solid tactics and skill is what you need."

-Major Avarohn Carbonlifter.

Related to Kylam-Raf, Aritev Carbonlifter, and Kaytop Carbonlifter, Avarohn Carbonlifter was a Republic soldier who began his life in the academy at age 6. Taught to be a skilled warrior, Avarohn was the first soldier to surpass expectations for HAVOC Squad in the last 500 years. He was given the honor of being the Republic's best soldier yet.

Operating alone on Ord Mantell, he beat back the Seperatist forces and discovered that Haron Tavus and his other team members were traitors, and he hunted them down to a warship where he killed them off, except for Fuse, who was court marshaled and sent to a counseling branch.

Eventually, Avarohn Carbonlifter rebuilt his team after earning the rank "Captain" and destroyed a super-weapon of the Empire's shortly after.

Following this, he took part in the death of important generals of the Empire and took the rank of Major Carbonlifter.

Following this, he fought through the Ilum campaign, pushed through the mission on Makeb with Aritev and Kaytop Carbonlifter, and fought through the battles of Korriban and Tython. He then joined forces with Warlord Raf and helped with the mission on Rishi and the coalition forces on Yavin 4.

His current whereabouts are unknown to us, but he is expected to join Darth Marr on his flagship to hunt the emperor soon...

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