The Daughter of Yonmo

Alicyica is the daughter of Jedi Master Yonmo, her father left her at the age of 10. She'd end up finding her way to Korriban and train under the Sith from the age of 12. She is a very untrustworthy person, she doesn't trust anyone and nobody trusts her. She is known to be controlling and Manipulative, she tricks others to do what SHE wants and making them believe they came up with the idea.

She's always been interested in holocrons since she was a young girl. She'd learn whatever she could from them, and she did everything she could to learn about Darth Grinyon and the his personal holocrons. She knew her father was protecting the Light Side Holocron but she had no interest in that, she was more interested in the Dark Side Holocron. She was able to acquire the holocron and use it against Darth Grinyon, she used it twice against him to take over his mind and attack the Awakened members. Her connection was broken every time and she fled the Sith Empire.

This would begin her search for an artifact capable of converting Jedi to the dark side with ease. She traveled to the Dark Temple to discover, locate the artifact and use it against her father. But she was struck down by Kylam-Raf, before she could read the map and manipulate Darth Zelltt. She then to her surprise rose again but as a Sith force ghost, bound to an item of power. She would realize the item of power she was bound to was that of what she was looking for, the holocron capable of corrupting Light side users. She would then begin to commune with the holocron receiving information from it, it was then clear to her that she was destined to guard the holocron... so she began the rest of her existence guarding the Sith holocron.

Weeks later Zelltt would return demanding the holocron, Alicyea grew furious that someone wanted to steal her holocron. She appeared as a ghost to Zelltt forcing him against the wall then slamming him into the ground; but before she could strike once more the holocron told her to stop. She returned to it to receive its wishes, but she was shocked... it wanted her to give it to Zelltt. She followed the orders of the holocron and gave it to Zelltt. Zelltt was thankful and returned home with the holocron; Alicyea began to fade away for her purpose no longer existed.

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