Perfect Aim

Before The Admiral

Travon Savakes was specialized militaristic Sniper within the Empire, he served under his father Moff Barneth Savankes. He was apart of a stealth squadron known as "Death's Gaze" the team got their name from majority of them being Snipers and the last thing their victims saw was a red light pointing into their eyes.

Travon was the team's lead Sniper holding the highest record for most targets conformed dead; he than received the nickname: "The Gaze". Death's Gaze was Moff Savakes' most successful unit, but he didn't praise them because his son was affiliated with the squadron. The Moff wasn't to fond of his son, even with all of his son's success the Moff showed little interest. Travon would try his best to impress his father and to be finally noticed by him but no matter what success Travon had Barneth couldn't care less. (Incomplete)

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